Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic or chronic-recurrent, non-contagious skin disease, affecting 70 million people in China alone and about 47 million people in the US, Japan and the EU.

Although non-lethal, atopic dermatitis and its symptoms, especially eczema, unbearable itching and infections of the skin, impact mental health and are associated with parental depression, antidepressant use and suicidality.

Approximately 70% of all people affected by atopic dermatitis have a colonization with Staphylococcus aureus disbalancing the microbiome and causing severe symptoms.*

*Kong, H.H et al. Genome Res (2015)


Artilysin® is the solution

We designed an Artilysin® that will revolutionize the global atopic dermatitis treatment market by specifically eliminating S. aureus.

Artilysin®s are profiting from the fast mode of action, the high specificity, a high safety profile and a high resistance stability.  Further, the main focus in the development of this Artilysin® lies on balancing the skin microbiome by eliminating only the pathogen S. aureus whilst leaving the commensal microorganisms intact. This  secures a healthy skin microbiome.

Artilysin®s are predestined to reshape the atopic dermatitis market.


Seeing is believing - Application Observations

A 78 year old woman was suffering from a very bad from of eczema with symptoms like touch sensitivity, pain, flakey skin and lichenification.

No classic treatment eased her symptoms.

A 13-day application of the Artilysin®-prototype spray led to a full healing of the physical and psychological scars of the affected person. The statement of her husband summarizes the success:

„2 weeks after the application my wife feels physically and mentally better than during the past 3 years!“


A 57 year old woman was suffering from atopic dermatitis with symptoms like Redness, Itchiness/touch sensitivity/pain, eczema and lichenification. Washing and disinfection aggravates these symptoms, however necessary as working as a nurse.

No classic treatment eased her symptoms.

Due to the application of the Artilysin®-prototype spray, the itchiness improved immediately, the redness decreased within minutes and it reduced the eczema within a few days.


The video below gives you an idea on how Artilysin® improves the life of affected people: