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History of Lysando®

The timeline gives you a short overview of how fast the company grew to the world leader in the development of antimicrobial proteins.

*the list of Artilysin®s is only an excerpt of the present situation

>> More details about the history of Lysando® <<

Lysando® AG was co-founded in 2009 in Liechtenstein by Markus Matuschka v. Greiffenclau & Dr. Stefan Miller.

The following years were dedicated to the exploration of the technology. During this time, Lysando® built up enormous know-how about the technology and a huge internal biobank.

During the previous years, Lysando®s researchers were able to develop numerous of customized Artilysin®s. This extended the know-how of how to design certain Artilysin®s and paved the way for Lysando®s future.

Lysando® could win two licensees.

The Thailand based public company Siam Cement Group (SCG) invested in Lysando®, now holding 20% of the company.

Seven years after the foundation of Lysando®, the technology platform was mature enough to finally enter the market and start licensing out the cross-industry platform technology to global leading companies. Lysando sold three additional licences in 2016.

Lysando® sold four new licences.

Lysando® sold five new licences. One of the new licencees is AiCuris Anti-infective Cures GmbH.

Lysando® convened an ethic committee, consisting of Leonhard Stärk (Managing Director, BRK) and Dr. Karl Liese (Senior Partner for Global Health, McKinsey & Company).

Lysando® is currently executing successful clinical trials.