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The Solution

The Artilysin® Platform Technology

Artilysin®s fulfil all criteria to be the leading antimicrobial technology
in a post antibiotic era.


Artilysin®s were tested for the potential to provoke bacterial resistance in different bacterial species but up to now no resistance development has been observed.

There are several reasons why Artilysin®s exhibit a very low potential to induce resistance in bacteria:

  • Artilysin®s represent a fast and innovative mechanism independent of any metabolic activity.
  • Artilysin®s are of proteinaceous and biodegradable nature and do not accumulate in the environment.
  • Artilysin®s have a high specificity and reduce the selective pressure on commensal flora.
  • Artilysin® target a highly conserved cell wall component that can hardly be modified by bacteria.


Persister cells play a pivotal role in chronic or reoccurring infections and are an important component in bacterial biofilms. In both situations, Artilysin®s represent a proper solution.

The innovative mode of action is independent of an active cell metabolism. This advantage enables Artilysin®s to kill persisters in contrast to antibiotics. Artilysin®s destabilise the cell wall and the targeted bacterium bursts within seconds due to the high osmotic pressure.


Artilysin®s preserve the natural microbiome. This has two consequences. The chance for long-time side-effects is considerably reduced. Additionally, Artilysin®s do not attack other bacteria and thus allows the microbiome to support the immune system and the natural healing process.