Topical applications

Topical applications in humans

Since modern civilisations overage and are increasingly confronted with lifestyle diseases or nosocomial infections, more and more people will develop open wounds that don’t heal.

Today about 110 million people suffer from pressure sores worldwide. The healing process is often hindered by bacterial infections caused by antibiotic resistant pathogens and therefore do not respond to conventional treatments.

The Lysando AG has developed a wound care spray referred to as Medolysin® Wound spray that supports the healing process by creating an optimum moist environment and a protective film. Additionally, Medolysin® Wound spray reduces the number of pathogenic microbes. In clinical observations, Medolysin® Wound spray showed convincing results.


The aim of the study was to determine the efficacy of Medolysin® Wound spray in supporting the healing process. The reduction in pain, signs of inflammation and size of the wound were evaluated. Participants were split into two groups where the first group was treated daily with Medolysin® Wound spray over an extended period of time (>30 days). The second group received the treatment every two or three days up to a maximum of six applications.

The results

For 90% of the patients, Medolysin® Wound spray started the healing process immediately and the size of the wounds diminished.

Within 30 days 40% of patients’ wounds were completely healed, thanks to Medolysin® Wound spray.

Medolysin® Wound spray for long-term treatment

One of the first patients medicated with Medolysin® Wound spray was a coma patient suffering from non-treatable MRSA-infected decubitus. As the risk of a bacterial sepsis raised dramatically, the responsible physicians decided to use Medolysin® Wound spray as last possibility.

Signs of healing appeared after a few days. However, treatment was continued for additional three month. Finally, after ten months the wound was completely healed.

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