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Welcome to Lysando AG

Welcome to LYSANDO AG, the world leader in the development of antimicrobial proteins to combat Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Working across a range of fields including hygiene, domestic and livestock husbandry, medical devices as well as veterinary and human pharma, Lysando AG has a solution that is suitable for every customer.

Established in Liechtenstein in 2009, our mission is to introduce the Artilysin® Platform Technology as the answer to the increasing threat of antibiotic resistant and persistent bacteria. As a DIN EN ISO 13485 certified company, Lysando AG has two research units namely Lisando GmbH in Regensburg and Lisando Thailand Ltd. in Bangkok, but our success is not solely down to them.

Developing the solution to defeat antibiotic resistant bacteria and persistent infections has been central to our success so far and was made possible through the collaboration of scientists from the universities of Gent and Leuven (Belgium), Gifu and Toho (Japan), Mahidol and Kasetsart (Thailand), Maryland (USA), Minho (Portugal), Regensburg (Germany) and IPLA-CSIC (Spain). Right from the very beginning, it was the vision and courage of our customers that enabled us to create Artilysin®s as the alternative technology to antibiotics.

The Artilysin® Platform Technology already tested successfully will save countless lives in the coming years. Our customers will launch new products that will continue to improve the health and well-being of animals and humans. This groundbreaking innovation has become possible with the help of our partnerships with universities, the Siam Cement Group, the advisory board and in particular our customers.

On behalf of the whole Lysando AG team

„Thank you for making that possible.“