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At Lysando, We Strive to Make a Difference for Every Individual

At Lysando, our primary objective is to provide individuals with hope, health, and the autonomy to shape their own lives. We place great emphasis on improving the quality of life of each individual, with the aim of promoting a world where good health is accessible to all and not merely a luxury.

What We
Stand For


At Lysando, we firmly believe in operating with full transparency, ensuring that our processes are openly communicated. We are committed to sharing not only our successes but also our setbacks, as we understand the value of learning from both. Furthermore, we actively encourage feedback, criticism, and new ideas, recognizing the importance of continuous improvement and growth.


Our organization upholds high ethical standards that serve as a guiding compass for our actions. We are driven by the principle of helping each other and therefore will overcome any challenge by bundling of mutual strengths and competences.


Central to our mission is the prioritization of the quality of life for every individual, to create a humane and fair world. The environmental friendliness of our technology is one of the main factors for fulfilling our mission.

Our Open Positions

We have no open positions at the moment.