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Are You Concerned About the Threat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Pose?

You are not alone. We shared the same concerns, which led us to establish Lysando in 2009.
We are a Liechtenstein-based company, with a research facility in Regensburg, Germany, with a primary objective of enhancing the lives of millions through pioneering medical research and development.

Through the development of Artilysin®, we have pioneered a revolutionary technology that safeguards individuals from dangerous bacterial infections. Our innovative technology plays a crucial role in curbing the dissemination of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (AMR) and offers everyone the opportunity to lead a healthier and safer life.

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We have achieved significant milestones and remain resolute in our commitment to continue until the fear of bacterial infections becomes a thing of the past.

What Is Artilysin®?

What was once a mere idea in 2009 has now evolved into a groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes the way we combat harmful bacteria, including those that are antibiotic-resistant. Artilysin® serves as a comprehensive collection of antimicrobial proteins, specifically engineered to effectively target any bacterial species, thereby maximizing its potential benefits.

How Artilysin® Works

Artilysin® rapidly destroys both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. In the case of Gram-negative bacteria, Artilysin® penetrates the outer membrane, causing the bacterial cell wall to become unstable. Due to this destabilization, the cell wall can no longer withstand the high osmotic pressure, leading to the bursting of the bacterial cell.

The Advantages Are Clear

Artilysin® rapidly and efficiently eliminates bacteria while preserving the microbiome. Bacterial resistance formation has not been observed with Artilysin®.

Our Technology: Bringing Balance to the System

Around 150 years ago, Louis Pasteur hypothesized that bacterial infections cause disease. His theory suggested that the key to a healthy life lay in maintaining a germ-free environment both inside the body and elsewhere. This belief gave rise to the widespread use of antibiotics and the many adverts for mouthwashes and cleaning products that claim to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

Artilysin® and the Microbiome

Most infections do not arise solely from bacterial colonization; they occur because of an imbalance among bacterial species

Depending on the disease, Artilysin® does not strive to eliminate all bacteria, but rather it aims to restore the microbial balance by suppressing pathogens. Preserving the immune function of our microbiome is crucial.

Success Stories – Transforming lives through Artilysin®

Ältere Frau mit grauen Haaren mit ihrer Hand auf ihrem Ehemann.

"Two weeks after the treatment, my wife is physically and mentally better than she has been for 3 years!"

Christas Husband Dieter Ostertag

"After years of battling stubborn acne and trying every treatment available, I had the incredible opportunity to try this revolutionary solution. My skin has transformed beyond expectations."

Mrs. S.

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