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Business Wire/Presseportal, 01.03.2023

"Artilysin®: Promising approach against Acinetobacter baumannii infected wounds"

Severe wound infections increasingly prove to be a serious medical challenge. Complications particularly arise from the high number of infections caused by resistant or multi-resistant pathogens. [...] Acinetobacter baumannii is one of these pathogens. ...


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Business Wire/Presseportal, 15.12.2022

„Artilysin®: Fearless Into the Post-antibiotic Era“

"The WHO has declared antibiotic resistances one of the Top 10 global threats to mankind. To counter this threat, Lysando AG has developed the so-called Artilysin® technology: Novel antimicrobial proteins with a unique mode of action. ...

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Business Wire/Presseportal, 18.10.2022

"Lysando AG and Amicogen Inc. Sign General Development Agreement"

Lysando AG – market leader in the field of antimicrobial proteins – has signed a general development agreement with Amicogen Inc., a publicly traded biotechnology company and CDMO headquartered in South Korea. In August last year, Lysando and Amicogen entered into a strategic partnership ...


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Business Wire/Presseportal, 06.09.2022

"Dr. Fabian Geldmacher is Director Strategy & Business Development"

Lysando AG – market leader in the field of antimicrobial proteins – is pleased to announce that Fabian Geldmacher, M.D., has joined the team as Director Strategy & Business Development in June. Dr. Geldmacher will be responsible ...


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Business Wire/Presseportal, 02.08.2022

"Wilhelm von Haller is Chief Financial Officer of Lysando AG"

Lysando AG – market leader in the field of antimicrobial proteins – is pleased to announce that Wilhelm von Haller has joined the team as Chief Financial Officer this March. Baron von Haller is an expert in Corporate Finance, ...


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regensburg-digital, 20.07.2022, german language

„Alternative to antibiotics“

"Biotech Company in Regensburg declares war to multiresistant bacteria."

They are on the rise everywhere and are already posing enormous problems for medical care worldwide: multiresistant bacteria. A promising alternative to antibiotics is being worked on in Regensburg. ...

By Michael Bothner

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Business Wire/Presseportal, 12.07.2022

"Lysando AG Strengthens Board of Directors by Appointment of Mr. Sang Jung Kim"

The market-leader for antimicrobial proteins, Lysando AG, has appointed Sang Jung Kim as new member to the Board of Directors. Kim has a strong Biotech background and a proven successful track record of more than 30 years experiences in relevant commercial areas. As Director of Sales & Marketing at AMICOGEN...


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AiCuris - Press release, 22.10.2021

"AiCuris announces expansion of its collaboration with Lysando with a focus on diabetic foot infections"

Wuppertal, Germany and Balzers, Liechtenstein - AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG, a leading company in the discovery and development of drugs against infectious diseases, and the biotechnology company Lysando AG with its Regensburg-based subsidiary Lysando GmbH, today announced the expansion of their existing long-term collaboration for the development and optimization of Artilysin®-based drug candidates for the topical treatment of infected, chronic wounds such as diabetic foot infections. ...


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Business Wire/Presseportal, 02.08.2021

"AMICOGEN Inc. and Lysando AG bring partnership to the next level with ownership participations in each other’s companies"

South Korean Kosdaq listed AMICOGEN Inc. will become the latest shareholder in Lysando AG. The transaction includes an acquisition of shares, a cash contribution to Lysando and a share package to Lysando into AMICOGEN. ...


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PR Newswire/Presseportal, 18.03.2021

"Lysando AG and AMICOGEN Inc. forge a strategic partnership"

The fight against the rise of resistant bacteria and the global antibiotic-crisis is enforced and accelerated with the strategic partnership of AMICOGEN and Lysando AG. The two specialist's partnership creates decisive synergies. ...


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WirtschaftsWoche, 06.07.2020, german language

„The search for new antibiotics“

The ineffectiveness of many antibiotics is a deadly danger. The pharmaceutical industry is now creating a $ 1 billion fund to search for new compounds, scientists are meanwhile looking for unusual ways out.

It seems like magic. The milky, cloudy liquid clears more and more with every second. After about two minutes it is almost completely clear. But Markus Matuschka de Greiffenclau wants to achieve more with the demonstration in his laboratory than to amaze the observers: the magic should prove that his business works. "Artilysins are the answer to antibiotic failure," says the founder of the biotech company Lysando. What is happening in the glass, is the destruction of dangerous bacteria by designer proteins developed by his company ...

By Karin Finkenzeller

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Welt der Wunder, 15.01.2020, german language

„What's next after antibiotics?“

It would be the greatest discovery in medicine since the invention of penicillin. While the former wonder weapon antibiotic is becoming blunt in the fight against multi-resistant germs, researchers from Regensburg are developing a drug that puts all previous achievements in the shade ...

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 22.2.2018, german language

„The medical sensation“

There is hope for patients, in which the general-purpose drug no longer works: The start-up Lysando achieved great success with Artilysins. But a hurdle has not been overcome in the race against resistant bacteria ...

By Henning Peitsmeier

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