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PR Newswire/Presseportal, 18.03.2021

"Lysando AG and AMICOGEN Inc. forge a strategic partnership"

The fight against the rise of resistant bacteria and the global antibiotic-crisis is enforced and accelerated with the strategic partnership of AMICOGEN and Lysando AG. The two specialist's partnership creates decisive synergies. ...


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WirtschaftsWoche, 06.07.2020, german language

„The search for new antibiotics“

The ineffectiveness of many antibiotics is a deadly danger. The pharmaceutical industry is now creating a $ 1 billion fund to search for new compounds, scientists are meanwhile looking for unusual ways out.

It seems like magic. The milky, cloudy liquid clears more and more with every second. After about two minutes it is almost completely clear. But Markus Matuschka de Greiffenclau wants to achieve more with the demonstration in his laboratory than to amaze the observers: the magic should prove that his business works. "Artilysins are the answer to antibiotic failure," says the founder of the biotech company Lysando. What is happening in the glass, is the destruction of dangerous bacteria by designer proteins developed by his company ...

By Karin Finkenzeller

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Welt der Wunder, 15.01.2020, german language

„What's next after antibiotics?“

It would be the greatest discovery in medicine since the invention of penicillin. While the former wonder weapon antibiotic is becoming blunt in the fight against multi-resistant germs, researchers from Regensburg are developing a drug that puts all previous achievements in the shade ...

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Animal Pharm, 18.12.2018

„Stonehaven Incubate targets pet antimicrobials in latest project“

Stonehaven Incubate has partnered with antimicrobial protein specialist Lysando to develop therapies for companion animal infections. The partners will conduct proof-of-concept trials for topical treatments based on Lysando's Artilysin protein-based antimicrobials.

By Joseph Harvey

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 22.2.2018, german language

„The medical sensation“

There is hope for patients, in which the general-purpose drug no longer works: The start-up Lysando achieved great success with Artilysins. But a hurdle has not been overcome in the race against resistant bacteria ...

By Henning Peitsmeier

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